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Eyelashes - Black - Natural  Lengthen  FV-27890
Flutter your lashes in a pair of Fever Natural Lengthen Eyelashes. The perfect finishing touch to any party look, the pack contains 1 pair of lashes and adhesive.
Feather Plume Eyelashes - Black FV-34983
Exotic long black eyelashes with feather plumes. Add length and volume with these very long eyelashes.
Peacock Eyelashes   FV-25431
Beautiful blue feather lashes with peacock pattern will make you stand out from the crowd.
Eyelashes - Black FV-21120
Classic black eyelashes will add length and volume to your eyes giving an exotic look.
Feather Plume Eyelashes - Blue FV-34990
Side sweeping lashes are perfect for those who want attention. Lashes are Black on the inner lash and blue on the outer lash.
Multi-Colored Eyelashes FV-34999
Multi-colored feather eyelashes are great for grabbing attention. Ideal for going out or special occasions.
Large Aqua Dots Feather  Eyelashes FV-24234
Gorgeous black large feather lashes with aqua dots. These flawless will give your eyes a beautiful flutter that will instantly make your eyes stand out.
Glitter Eyelashes - Black FV-30279
Glamorize your eyes with this pair of black eyelashes with silver glitter.
Feather Eyelashes - Brown   FV-24255
Glamorize your eyes with these brown and white feather eyelashes.
Glamour Eyelashes - Black FV-30287
Achieve the most glamorous and stylish look with these sweeping lashes. Embellished with acrylic crystals on the lash line.
60'S Eyelashes - Black FV-32330
Glamorize your eyes with these exotic 60's look eyelashes.
Holographic Eyelashes - Silver FV-21112
Glamorous black and silver eyelashes will instantly add volume and elegance to your eyes.
Black-teal Eyelashes   FV-37133
Black false lashes with teal feather plumes. Ideal for those who want a dramatic look. The feather plumes will instantly add style and color.
Corner Plume Eyelashes - Black FV-34994
Add length and volume to your eyes with these side sweeping plume eyelashes.
Gothic Manor Ghost Bride  Eyelashes - Black  FV-34537
These glamorous gothic lashes are thin light and long. Add volume length and style to your eyelashes.
Feather Plume Eyelashes - Pink FV-24254
Perfect for those who want a glamorous and dramatic look . The Feather Plume eyelashes are bright pink.