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Dona Kissable Massage Oil  - Chocolate Mousse - 4.25 Oz. JO40537
Transform your lover into a sensual dessert with Dona Kissable Massage Oil. Tempt your taste buds with decadent chocolate mousse as you kiss away tension.
Clone A Willy -  Solid Milk Chocolate Kit BD8008
This Each Chocolate Clone-A-Willy kit contains everything you need to create an exact milk chocolate mold of any penis. The Chocolate Clone-A-Willy kit makes a unique and fun gift for Valentine’s Days, anniversaries, holidays, bachelorette parties, and more!
Female Edible Undies - Chocolate KI0013
These Edible Undies are Fun, sexy and very tasty. These thong-style Undies are made of a thin flexible chocolate flavored material so when things heat up, these lickable briefs becomes softer and more delicious. Give into your temptation and take a bite. One size fits most.
Male Edible Undies - Chocolate KI0003
The Original Edible Undies are made of a thin flexible chocolate flavored material so when things heat up, these lickable briefs becomes softer and more delicious. One size fits most.
Edible Body Painting - Vanilla And Chocolate Tempation SHU7001
Set your artistic side free. Paint of love story on your partners body using this sensual body paint. Its insanely aphrodisiac... can also be used for skin care and as a face mask. It's insanely delicious.
Clone A Pussy - Edible Chocolate BD5808
The Clone A Pussy allows any woman to immortalize her vaginal lips just like the porn stars! AVN magazine says, "It is a great gift for the new bride to give her beloved. What is a better gift than a cast of her own pussy!" All the ingredients are neatly packed in a compact, lightweight box with everything necessary to create a complete replica of an actual vagina.
Edible Bra - Chocolate KI0023
Spice up your bedroom romps with this completely edible Bra. The skimpy heart-shaped cups just barely conceal the nipples. The soft edible Chocolate flavored material becomes softer and melts away as heat or a licking tongue is applied. No need to un-hook this bra all you need is your teeth and tongue. Each box contains one bra.
Couples Sweet Surrender His And Hers Edible Set - Chocolate KI0033
Give into your temptation and take a bite with these Couples Sweet Surrender His and Hers Edibles! Both of you can enjoy the sweet treat. It is Fun, sexy and tasty Brief and panty set. Bon Appetit!
Chocolate Play Pens - 2 Pack   HTP2809
Write your most intimate Secret Desires on your favorite place on your partners body and let the fun begin. Write it on. Lick it off. Takes intimate playtime to a whole new level. Two delicious flavors dark and milk chocolate.
Hot Fudge Emotion Lotion - 4 oz. PP231-13
Emotion Lotion is a sexual enhancement product that claims to be the pioneer in flavored sex lotions. It states that it has started flavored sex lotions for about 42 years ago. Emotion Lotion is the most requested flavored product in the industry. It gets warm when you rub it and gets hot when you blow on the skin. Just apply to any part of the body and lick that for that added pleasure and sensation.